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Best Solutions for Biogas Plants in Kerala & Portable Biogas Plant in Kerala

Discover sustainable solutions with FRD. From biogas plants in Kerala to portable biogas plant in Kerala, we’re leading the way in eco-friendly waste management and energy production. Our innovative systems convert organic waste into valuable biogas, promoting renewable energy while reducing environmental impact. Whether it’s domestic or commercial biogas systems, we’re committed to a greener future. Join us in revolutionizing waste management and energy production in Kerala and beyond with our versatile solutions in Biogas plants in Kerala including domestic and commercial biogas systems, waste-to-electricity solutions, night soil projects, biogas storage balloons, incinerators & portable biogas plant in kerala, solar energy initiatives and much more.


We remain the best when it comes to portable biogas plant in Kerala.Our domestic portable systems offer unmatched convenience and mobility. Available in 10 L, 20 L, and 40 L sizes, they're compact yet powerful, producing gas for up to 4.5 hours. Easy to handle and built to last 30-40 years, these units are the epitome of efficiency and durability.


PORTABLE: Our portable units range from 80 L to 600 L, offering flexibility to fit various space constraints. With a maximum daily capacity of 300 kg dry matter and 300 liters of water, these units are adaptable to different locations.

FIXED: Our fixed units have unlimited waste capacity, allowing for the construction of underground models based on available space. We provide the best solutions in waste management services & portable biogas plant in Kerala.


Waste-to-electricity projects utilize biodegradable waste such as food and vegetable scraps as input, sourced from external markets at no cost. Generating electricity through conventional means is expensive, whereas a 1 cubic meter plant typically yields 1 kW of electricity. This gas is directly fed into biogas generators, either portable or fixed, for electricity production, offering superior cost efficiency compared to solar power plants. Maintenance is minimal, and two types of engines are available: hybrid, running on both diesel and biogas, and those powered solely by biogas.

Our company leads in waste management and has successfully executed numerous projects in Biogas plants in Kerala & portable biogas plant in kerala and numerous waste-to-energy projects all across India.


Night soil projects offer a solution to waste disposal challenges in institutions like hostels, hospitals, and old age homes by utilizing human excretions. These projects address two key issues: reducing cooking gas expenses and simplifying waste disposal and septic tank maintenance. Implemented during construction of new buildings, houses, and hotels, night soil projects involve setting up biogas plants to produce methane from human waste, mitigating the need for costly retrofitting of existing septic tanks. This integrated approach allows for simultaneous sewage treatment and biogas production. Our company specializes in waste management services in Kerala, Biogas plants in Kerala & portable biogas plant in kerala that includes many waste-to-energy projects.


These projects primarily target commercial use but can adapt to domestic needs. Excess gas is stored in portable gas balloons, available in various sizes starting from 1 cubic meter for easy handling. These balloons allow for convenient storage and usage of gas as needed. Our company implements waste-to-energy and waste-to-power projects nationwide.


Incineration, a waste treatment method, involves the combustion of organic waste materials, facilitating easy disposal. Ideal for various settings such as flats, schools, hospitals, factories, and offices, it operates without the need for additional fuel. Though particularly effective, it may have limitations with wet waste materials.


We offer a diverse array of solar power solutions, including a wide range of solar panel brands, inverters, and now solar batteries. Our panels start from 1 kW, with combo plans for added convenience. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Perovskite solar cell technology, promising cutting-edge advancements. Additionally, we market solar ACs for comprehensive energy solutions. Leveraging monoperc cells, we ensure our power plants are highly efficient and reliable.