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Solution concepts for the production of biogas

Let we discuss some of the solution concepts for the mass production of biogas.
What is special about methane
After carbon dioxide, methane is the most important greenhouse gas emitted by man. Being an odorless and colorless hydrocarbon, it is the main constituent of natural gas and e.g. also of biogas. It is emitted continuously into the Earth’s atmosphere in all kinds of ways. During its relatively brief stay in the atmosphere, its effect as a greenhouse gas is over twenty times more powerful than the most important greenhouse gas released by man, carbon dioxide. Methane could at present well constitute one fifth of the effect of all greenhouse gases emitted by man.
Various types of biomass
Biomass is a term used to describe all organic matter generated directly or indirectly through photosynthesis that has not undergone change as a result of geological processes (unlike fossil biomass – mineral oil, coal, and natural gas). With energy utilization of biomass, only so much CO2 can be released as was previously bound in the biomass with the help of solar energy by means of photosynthesis. The following distinctions are made:
1. Ligneous dry biomass:
e.g. forest timber, woodland timber, hedges, fruit planting, dead wood, scrap timber, solid waste from industrial processes, trade and households. Suitable processes for energy utilization: combustion and gassing.
2. Low ligneous, wet biomass:
For example, farmyard dung (liquid and solid manure), harvest residue, biogenetic waste from the food industry, catering and households, etc. Suitable processes for energy utilization: fermentation.